About Us

Zenska Life Sciences a fast growing global pharmaceutical company which is all set to make its strong presence in healthcare industry. Zenska Life Sciences is founded by an eminent group of highly skilled and experienced professionals with proven track records of more than two decades.
Zenska Life Sciences is highly specialized in its global motherhood healthcare products. A wide range of unique, established and quality products ensures a healthy pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy women healthcare. We strongly believe in the fact that growth and development of a healthy child starts with women care which is an urgent need and inclusive responsibility of the society. Within last five year, Zenska has achieved a remarkable recognition among top Indian Pharmaceutical Companies with its quality driven policies.

Principles of Our Work

Team Zenska has set a rapid growing pace by working with global alliance of experts with high ethical business standard. A strong field sales workforce of 100s of skilled and dedicated professionals has helped us achieve the set sales figures. Zenska has been very successful in creating a healthy and competitive work environment of inclusiveness with its partners and employees. Our advanced human resource practices have helped us to stand as the first choice of young professionals in shaping their careers at Zenska Life Sciences. Our future plans include expansion of manufacturing units and corporate offices to all the major cities of India.
We at Zenska dream together, perform together and achieve together!

Our Vision

The success of a company is written by its codes of values. Zenska Life Sciences envisions to be as one of the best Pharmaceutical Companies in India serving motherhood healthcare. Our vision includes growth based on a responsible entrepreneurship, innovation and expertise of each product we offer. Zenska aims to be highly ranked in the medical community for all the products and services it offers. We tend to develop a healthy and rewarding work environment to attract the best talent in the industry.
We at Zenska believe in complete customer satisfaction through development of products using world class R & D and manufacturing facilities. Zenska Life Sciences is founded and run with the highest levels of “Integrity, Excellence, Innovation and Social Responsibility.”

Our Mission

Zenska Life Sciences fosters rapid growth objectives based on high ethical standards, compatible business practices with highest level of integrity. We aim to improve nutritional status of pre-pregnant, pregnant and a post-pregnant woman which is directly linked to childhood nutrition and other associated health challenges in India. Zenska Life Sciences is dedicated to continuously develop new products of highest standards and purity to elevate motherhood healthcare in India. We are determined to secure a leading position as a Pharmaceutical Company by offering innovative and affordable formulations in mother healthcare sector. We at Zenska are committed to actively contribute and enrich the quality of life and health of women in India.

Our World Class Products Range


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